Who am I and what do I do, you wonder?

Well, to give you a short and clear answer, I'm a close-up magician and a mind reader. Using humor, psychology and magic, I'm able to sense someone's thoughts. Using my cards and other close-up materials, I visualize those thoughts, creating unforgettable memories.   

As obviously stated above, my name is Marvin De Buyst and I'm 25 years old. I am fluent in Dutch, French and English. 

Currently I'm making plans to travel the world as, who could've guessed, The Traveling Magician. At this moment I'm located in Belgium!

But that's not all! I finished making my virtual online show

And yes, I promised a short clear answer. So this is it. If you want to learn more, feel free to have a look at the 'about me' page or follow me on social media!

"This year we brought Marvin to our annual team-building of our company, Ordina, and wow...
How he was able to amaze my colleagues during the whole evening was absolutely stunning!
Simply breathtaking. We were overwhelmed! I highly recommend Marvin."

- Johan Verckens -
SAP consultant at Ordina  

"No words can describe this feeling of joy and mystery he brought me and my customers...
He knows his way around an audience and convinced us in believing in real magic.
An unforgettable night, thanks to an amazing performer!"

- Nathan Smsn -

Owner of  Bar Velina, Geraardsbergen

© 2021 Marvin De Buyst, The Traveling Magician 

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