Your wedding should be the most special, memorable day of your life right?

Ofcourse it should be! Imagine this for a second: 

  • Your family, friends and guests are having a polite chat with each other while trying to avoid talkative aunt Karen. 

  • Everyone is standing or sitting in little groups and having a good time while enjoying fantastic food and drinks. 

And that's exactly what you want right

Now imagine this:

  • Today is your TIME TO SHINE! There is laughter, applause coming from everywhere.

  • Family and friends are mixing together and the party is going places.

  • They don't even mind aunt Karen as even, she, is left speechless. 

  • This is the best wedding reception your guests have ever seen!

As a mind reader I can imagine you would prefer scenario 2, wouldn't you?
I want to help you turn that into a reality, turning your special day in a magical day and the most incredible wedding! 

"Marvin performed at our wedding reception and even hours after he left,
my guests were still wondering and chatting about how he read their minds..."

"He was a valuable addition to our most magnificent day. And such a lovely character!

I recommend other couples to see for themselves.
You won't regret it!"

- Truyens Ewart -

Why book me for your wedding? 

  • I like to engage with guests and generate conversation between them so that when I move on to the next group, there's a nice flowing energy between people that wouldn't have spoken with each other initially.

  • Every performance is tailored to suit your day. I want to make sure that everything is memorable and has a personal touch. 

  • By working closely with you and the venue, I ensure the day goes smoothly and your guests have a fantastic time so you can relax and enjoy your beautiful day.

Any questions? Feel free to email, phone or connect with me on social media:


+32 4 97 50 84 05